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When it comes to designing a beautiful home, it’s the little things that count. With this in mind, one of the most effective ways you can dramatically increase the visual appeal of your home is to incorporate plaster moulding into your interior spaces.

With more than 15 years of experience creating, supplying and installing cornices, ceiling roses and coving, City Crafts is your number one choice when it comes to plaster moulding services in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Here are four key design benefits of adding plaster moulding to your home:

  1. Create a Cohesive Look

Perhaps the most important design advantage of plaster moulding is its ability to tie a room together and create a more cohesive look. Plaster cornices, for example, are a simple way to bring a sense of balance into the space by creating seamless architectural lines. In addition, installing ceiling roses in multiple rooms can create a beautiful focal point while also lending a sense of cohesion into the overall look and feel of your property.

  1. Inject Your Personality into Your Home

In many ways, your home is a reflection of you and your family. As such, it’s important that the style of your property accurately represents your personality, values and architectural preferences. Plaster moulding offers an effective and affordable way to achieve this. Depending on your tastes and the existing style of your property, plaster coving and cornices can add a sense of the traditional or contemporary to your home, while the detailing and texture of ceiling roses are fantastic for showing off your design tastes.

  1. Add Value to Your Home

If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, it goes without saying that you’ll be thinking about how you can maximise the value of your property. The good news is that plaster moulding excels in this department. Coving and ceiling roses can do wonders for creating subtle visual impact and improving the aesthetic of a room, both of which are likely to resonate with prospective buyers. Alternatively, if your existing plaster is looking a little run down, some restoration work can breathe life into your home and increase your property’s value.

  1. Wonderful Durability

Some design features will look great in the days following installation, but can quickly deteriorate in the years that follow. Thankfully, quality plaster moulding doesn’t suffer from the same issue. Here at City Crafts, we’re proud to use Hodkin & Jones products, which are renowned the world over for the quality and durability. With some simple maintenance, your plaster cornices and ceiling roses will stand the test of time and keep looking amazing for years to come.

Are you looking for the best plaster moulding provider in Edinburgh and Glasgow? You’ve come to the right place. City Crafts offers a range of bespoke plaster and cornice services that are sure to enhance the look of your home. Contact the friendly team today on 0131 477 2075 or pop into our showroom at 40 West Gorgie Park, Edinburgh.