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New build properties are becoming increasingly popular both for first time buyers as well as those moving up the property ladder, and they certainly have advantages. However, many people complain that newer homes lack character, and while they’re practical, they may lack interesting features. Luckily, there are ways that you can add your own stamp on your home and adding a few decorative features can make a big difference. Here are some ideas for style inspiration.

Soften corners and harsh lines

One of the reasons why new builds can look quite stark is because they often have boxy, featureless rooms. Simply adding a feature such as a cornice can therefore make a big difference. They can be painted a soft off-white, or other colour to complement your colour scheme. Some other ways you can soften these lines include:

  • Adding long curtains in a soft tone
  • Place house plants in corners
  • Add textured pillows and throws
  • Use a rug as a focal point

This will make a harsh room look full of character and give it more of a vintage look.

Make ceilings feel higher

New builds often have lower ceilings than period properties, and this can make them feel a little stark. Adding an interesting feature such as a ceiling rose can trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher and is a simple way to add character. When combined with a vintage chandelier or old-fashioned light fitting, this makes a bold style statement.

Add textures

When you look at newer properties, you’ll notice how sleek and flat most of the lines are. This looks nice and modern in a show home, but when it comes to creating a cosy home, it doesn’t fit in with most peoples’ style. Adding some plaster moulding brings an interesting texture to your rooms and can be used in many different ways. You can go for something very decorative, or add simple patterns depending on your style. Texture can be added in a number of ways, whether it’s in the wall treatment or textiles, and this makes a big difference to your rooms.

Use traditional materials and techniques

If you want to give your home a vintage look, then old-fashioned craftsmanship will add character to your property. Use craftspeople who create things the traditional way, and use materials such as plaster, wood, or tile to add that interesting touch. Avoid anything plastic, high-gloss, or anything that looks too crisp or new, and use local businesses rather than chain stores.

Take your time

Homes which have character have often been added to over time, reflecting the host’s personality. Adding your own unique touches as you go along, and your home will get more character over time, soon developing into somewhere that you’ll look forward to coming home to.

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