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The majority of people take a certain amount of pride in their house and like to keep it well maintained, both inside and out, adding certain touches, to both provide individuality and decorative appeal. Many houses, especially internally, are pretty bland when the builder has finished work and every house in the street is the same. When you start to think about decorating your home to make it original, attractive and appealing, not to mention more elegant than the rest, you should come and talk to us about our range of ornate and bespoke plaster finishes, which can transform a rooms appearance.


Plastering Services from Real Professionals

At City Crafts we offer a full range of plastering services, for all of your needs, from new works or renovations, much as any other plasterer, though we pride ourselves on being far more imaginative and creative than our competitors. We offer you finishes for your walls and ceilings that just blow people away. A bare wall has amazing potential for beauty, style and elegance and we know exactly how to help you bring those out. If you are looking for some very basic plaster moulding or coving, you will undoubtedly find them in high street stores. Cheap, mass produced products though, generally do little to enhance your home, and this is where we come in. For many years, we have been designing, making, supplying and installing beautiful, artistic and elegant, high quality plaster mouldings, that can truly transform your property.


Decorative Plaster Mouldings

We have all seen how an ornate ceiling rose can draw the eye, giving a little character to an otherwise fairly boring ceiling. Now add in an elegant cornice, along the wall and ceiling meeting point, with an intricate design, and you have something very stylish and original starting to appear, certainly more aesthetic than a standard piece of coping. But why stop there? At City Crafts, we are just getting started. For most homes, a doorway is just a doorway, and has absolutely no character, but when you bring in decorative arches, and moulded door surrounds, with highly original artwork and possibly a decorative pillar each side, your room is starting to stand out from the crowd. Adorn your walls with bespoke mouldings and your home starts to resemble something from the Renaissance. Stylish, elegant, original and a breathtakingly beautiful house that is a joy to come home to, and an even bigger joy to entertain others in. Your guests will be truly amazed at the standard of our work, though it is you and your home, which will undoubtedly receive all the compliments.

When you start to explore the market, you will quickly realise that we are the true professionals, in everything we do. We have you covered from design, supply and installation of amazing plaster products, right through to your painting and decorating needs. Contact us today or call our friendly team on 0131 477 2075 and let’s make your home become your dream.