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When it comes to designing a room, there are lots of different elements to think about. From colour to use of space, many things change your perception of a room. However, one thing that many modern interior designers agree is important is the texture of a room. Whether it’s a soft rug or rough, rustic wood, texture makes a big difference in design, so it’s important to know how to use it. Whether it’s installing a cornice to add interest to a square room, or using different textiles, here’s why texture is so important.

It livens up a neutral room

Neutral tones are very popular in modern homes but using too many beige tones can make a room feel flat and unoriginal. However, by using different tones and textures in the same colour palette, you can create more of a lively feel to a room, even if it has a limited number of shades. Adding a ceiling rose or furniture in a rich wood texture can instantly make a room feel more alive, ensuring it feels like a welcoming space.

Easily add a luxury touch

If you want to give your room a polished, luxe look, then adding texture is the easiest way. It’s important that a room feel ‘finished’, so by adding texture such as coving, you can add what designers call ‘visual weight’ to a space. You can do this by:

  • Adding soft textures to make a room feel cosy
  • Using smooth textures to make a room modern and sleek
  • Creating rough-looking textures can make a room feel more lived-in

Having that extra texture can make a big difference in creating a room that feels expensive and luxurious.

Soften harsh edges

If you have a room that’s rather square and feels a little harsh, then using textures can help to soften them. For example, if you have a dull, rectangular entryway, then you can use plaster moulding to create an archway with various designs, which can make your room much more welcoming. Harsh corners can use touches such as cornices to stop them from looking too square, and you can trick the eye into making rooms look a lot softer.

Make features pop

It’s important that rooms aren’t overloaded with visual interest, but by adding a few select items, you can make a real impact. When you have something like a ceiling rose, it instantly draws the eye upwards, making ceilings feel higher. In this way, textures can be used to visually shape a room, creating the look that you have always wanted. Like colour, using texture sparingly can make the biggest impact, and ensuring that you don’t overdo it will give you the best possible results, giving your room that special something.

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